Lightning Lit - Level Storm Student Workbook PDF (Semester 2)


Lightning Lit – Level Storm Student Workbook PDF (Semester 2)


Lightning Literature – Level Storm Student Workbook PDF (Semester 2)

Embark on the first half of your literary voyage with the Semester 2 Student Workbook of Lightning Literature’s Level Storm. Carefully tailored for an 18-week journey, this workbook dives into a diverse selection of literature and enhances students’ comprehension, critical thinking, and writing skills. From dissecting classics like The Hobbit to exploring gems in the Rainy Day Reader, students will be guided through interactive exercises, reflection prompts, and comprehensive grammar drills. It’s not just a workbook; it’s a passport to the world of literature, designed to inspire, challenge, and prepare young minds for the next chapter in their literary exploration.

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Lightning Literature – Level Storm

Discover the expansive literary world with the Level Storm of Lightning Literature. Dive deep into a curriculum meticulously designed to span 36 weeks. Our comprehensive Teacher’s Guide covers the entire academic year, ensuring a seamless teaching experience. For students, we’ve made the learning journey more digestible by splitting the workbook into two separate books, each tailored for an 18-week semester. This is the second of those two workbooks.

Engage with an enriching array of literature including:
Elijah of Buxton
A Day of Pleasure
All Creatures Great and Small
– And our own Rainy Day Reader

Level Storm goes beyond traditional literature. It introduces students to nonfiction, poetry, humor, and more, all through selections from the Rainy Day Reader. Experience a diverse range of writings from both renowned and less-known authors, all curated from open-source historical records. From short stories, poetry, and plays to inspiring speeches, this edition promises a holistic literary exploration.

The workbook emphasizes core literary concepts, composition, critical thinking, and in-depth grammar review. Familiar to those who’ve used Elementary Lightning Lit Levels, the format of this edition remains consistent. Intended for grades 6-8, Level Storm is the 7th in the series.

A Deep Dive into Literature:
Each chapter is crafted to unravel the layers of the selected readings, igniting a passion for literature and a deeper understanding of the material. Students will journey through narratives, contexts, and characters, anchoring their knowledge with guided questions and interactive exercises.

Skill Building at its Best:
Beyond reading comprehension, the workbook also serves as a platform for skill enhancement. Whether it’s refining their writing prowess, sharpening critical thinking abilities, or delving into grammar intricacies, students will find activities tailored to hone their strengths and address their challenges.

Reflect, Relate, Reiterate:
Interspersed with reflection prompts, the workbook encourages students to relate literature to their own lives, fostering a personal connection with the text. This approach not only amplifies understanding but also instills a lasting appreciation for the art of storytelling.

Complementing the Teacher’s Guide:
This workbook is designed to be paired seamlessly with the Level Storm Teacher’s Guide. Educators and parents will find the guide invaluable, as it not only provides the necessary answers but also offers in-depth instructions on writing assignments and invaluable tips on teaching the myriad of concepts introduced in the workbook. Together, they form a comprehensive toolkit to ensure students not only appreciate literature but also develop the essential skills to analyze and engage with it deeply.


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