Unlock the Fun of Numbers with Math-It!

Welcome to Math-It, the engaging and effective way to master basic math skills! Created by Elmer W. Brooks, Math-It is not just a game; it’s a journey towards math proficiency that children genuinely enjoy. Whether your child is a beginner or someone looking to strengthen their arithmetic speed and accuracy, Math-It is the perfect addition to any learning environment.

What’s in the Box?

  • Game Boards: Interactive and durable, our game boards make learning tangible. Tailored to different math skills, they guide your child through the fundamentals of arithmetic, from addition and multiplication to more advanced concepts.
  • Fact Cards: Designed for repeated use and longevity, these cards are your child’s companions in quick recall and mental math. Watch as they become more confident with each correct answer!
  • Instructional Materials: With easy-to-follow guides, Math-It ensures that every learning style is catered to. Your child can listen, view, and do, solidifying their understanding with each step.
  • Supplemental PDFs: Extend the learning experience with additional materials that complement the hands-on tools, reinforcing concepts and offering new challenges.

Why Choose Math-It?

  • Proven Methods: Math-It uses a unique approach that differs from traditional math instruction, proven to be effective for a wide range of learners.
  • Flexible Learning: It’s the perfect supplement to any curriculum or as a standalone tool for home or school use. Math-It adapts to your child’s pace, ensuring they are never overwhelmed.
  • Builds a Math Mindset: Our tools encourage a “mindset for achievement,” fostering not just skills but a positive attitude towards math.
  • Fun for All: With Math-It, fun and learning go hand in hand. It’s a game that turns complex concepts into engaging challenges that children are excited to tackle.

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Join the thousands of parents and educators who have watched their children’s math skills soar with Math-It. Add Math-It to your cart today and take the first step towards making math a favorite subject in your household!

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