P.A.S.S. Test

What is the P.A.S.S Test?

The P.A.S.S. (Personalized Achievement Summary System) Test is a standardized test that has been administrated over 350,000 times. Its popularity among homeschooling families is due primarily to two characteristics.
  1. It is a non-timed test. This reduces or eliminates the test anxiety often arising around standardized testing.
  2. Because not all students are at the same level in any particular grade, it incorporates a pretest to determine the most appropriate level test to administer in each of the three subjects (Reading, Math, and Language). When tests are scored, the student’s responses to the specific level tests they took are then used to generate a report, which includes a comparison of the student to others in their same grade, as well as some specific recommendations.

P.A.S.S. test for students within a single household

P.A.S.S. test for a group or multiple households

P.A.S.S. results reprints

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