We have over 100 products that were designed specifically for the home-schooling parent.  While we’re not a one-stop type vendor, we are a non-profit foundation who are developing curriculum at reasonable prices. These curriculums are meant to save the teaching parent time (by not having to develop their own lesson plans) and provide meaningful learning experiences for the student. 

A complete list of our curriculum can be found sorted by subject matter by clicking on the appropriate sliding header above. Below are some of our most popular: 

Lightning Literature
My First Report
Winston Grammar
Unit Studies
3Dux Design
Across America
3Dux Design

“I have seen such an improvement in my daughter's reading.  She went from a reluctant reader to an eager reader.  Her stamina has increased and her vocabulary, and understanding of grammar.  The slow natural build-up from short chapter books to longer ones has really boosted her confidence.  I was so impressed with her progress from using Lightning Lit that I did an informal Basic Reading Inventory assessment to see if her reading and comprehension had jumped up and sure enough it did.  I'm really impressed with your program and can finally give a sigh of relief and know my daughter will know her grammar and read and comprehend well.”



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