Ionic Ooze Card Game


Ionic Ooze Card Game


Enhance your understanding of ionic compounds with “Ionic Ooze,” a thrilling card game that reinforces concepts from M.C. Detective Agency Files 3 & 4, combining strategic gameplay with chemistry education.


Introducing “Ionic Ooze,” a thrilling card game designed to reinforce the concepts taught in Files 3 & 4 of the M.C. Detective Agency series.

In this engaging game, players delve into the world of ionic compounds by strategically combining metal cations and nonmetal anions to create correct formulas. With two decks of cards, players select their hand, aiming to lay down the right combinations while utilizing special wild cards for added flexibility. Each card uses the characters from the M.C. Detective Agency comics. As players discard compounds, their accuracy is verified by others, ensuring a deep understanding of ionic compound formation. The game continues until all cards are used, and players calculate their scores based on the charges of remaining cards.

Perfect for homeschoolers and classroom settings, Ionic Ooze adds a fun and interactive element to chemistry education, making learning memorable and enjoyable.

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