Lightning Lit: Grade 3

Along with an explanation of the lesson’s concept for the child, the Student Guide includes Sentence Puzzle pages, Reading Journal pages, and Dictionary/Alphabet pages. The Teacher’s Guide explains how to use the program and has a brief guide for discussion along with comprehension questions with scripted answers for each book, instructions for daily composition, answers to the Workbook grammar pages, and ideas for expanding each lesson. The packs (with or without Random House Book of Poetry for Children) contain all the books read except The Wheel on the School which is out of print but is easily found. You’ll need something else for teaching spelling, learning to read, and penmanship.

Grade 3 Worksheets

Worksheets by Topic: Nouns/Pronouns Common and Proper Nouns Week 5 Common and Proper Nouns Week 5 Answer Key Concrete and

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The Power of Literature Part 1: For the Very Young

This post contains book recommendations for preschool through early elementary.

I have always believed in the power of literature to help us to understand, to empathize, to open our hearts and minds.  Literature allows us to see further than our own household, our own neighborhood. 

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Lightning Literature Grade 3 Scope and Sequence:

Teacher Intro

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Teacher's Sample Chapters 10-11

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Student Workbook Sample

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