Lightning Lit: British Lit

British Early-Mid Lit

This course covers the height of the Romantic Era and features poems by William Blake, William Wordsworth, and Lord Byron among others as well as novels by Jane Austen, Sir Walter Scott, and more.  Students will work on writing skills like tone, description, persuasive writing, etc.  This course is written from a secular perspective, though we do acknowledge the religious point of view and imagery of some of the Romantic poets.

British Mid-Late Lit

This course features the Realism of such authors as George Eliot and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as well as the Neo-Romanticism of Rudyard Kipling.  The writing skills covered here include plot, conflict, and theme among others.  Students are not required to have taken the Early- to Mid19th Century British Lit course before this one.  This course is written from a secular point of view.  However, one of the themes of George Eliot’s Silas Marner is the relationship between religiosity and morality and this issue is touched on in passing.

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