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M.C. Detective Agency: Files 1&2 Activity Packet


Lightning Lit — Gr-4 Teacher’s Guide

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NOTE: This activity pack is available as a free download when you purchase Files 1&2. This product is only necessary if you purchased the files elsewhere or received them second-hand.

This activity pack is designed to go alongside M.C. Detective Agency File #2: The Case of the Deadly Dials.

The M.C. Detective Agency: Chemical Solutions Required is a series of comic books that teaches chemistry to kids ages 8 – 108. This multi-episodic series envelops a cleverly concealed chemistry curriculum with the stories of twins, Poppi and Ray, who solve mysteries using chemistry. These sibling sleuths have many adventures, including traveling back in time to rescue the Radium Girls, attending a modern day rock concert to save a vanishing Van Gogh, and swimming in a bottle of Chanel No. 5 to find the hiding aldehydes.

The readers eventually discover that M.C. is Marie Curie, hence the names Poppi (Polonium), Ray (Radium) and Granny Eve (Marie’s Curie’s youngest daughter). Each episode is roughly 50 pages and is soft bound with center staple (like the standard comic book). Stay tuned for more files! You can also check out Kids’ Chemical Solutions for more information.

File 2: The Case of the Missing (Atomic) Model

The reader is transported back in time to 1927 Belgium for the Solvay Conference. The reader has to help Poppi and Ray release the captive Quantum Mechanical Model of the atom from a safe the Neils Bohr is guarding.

Science Topics

Atomic structure, Subatomic particles (protons, neutrons, electrons), Atomic Mass, Atomic Number, Quantum Mechanics

Activity Elements

In this pack you will find a teacher’s guide to walk you through how to make the comics into a robust curriculum. This Activity Pack includes Ray’s Rules, Poppi’s Puzzles, Tell Me Tenny, a Purposeful Daydreaming prompt, a Genius Hour prompt, Granny’s Games, and solutions to Poppi’s Puzzles. The instructions include recommendations for pacing and how much time each assignment could last. Tell Me Tenny includes historical background for the events referenced in the story.

The activity pack comes as a free download when you purchase Files 1 & 2. If you were given the books from someone else, then you can still get access to these robust activity packs!


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